Letter to the Editor: ASG

In the 2011- 2020 Strategic Plan, Bellevue College lists the core values of the institution, which includes promoting student excellence, embodying pluralism, as well as collaboration and shared decision making. These values are made manifest in the work of the faculty, staff, students and community at large. The mission of the Associated Student Government of Bellevue College, as stated in our Constitution is “to ensure that we as students at Bellevue College are suitably represented and exercise our rights to participate in decisions concerning our education at Bellevue College.” Our Bylaws further elaborate upon the specific details in which 10 duly elected representatives of the students must represent and support the student body at large.

We understand not every student knows who the Associated Student Government (ASG) is or what we do for them. Student apathy and ignorance is something the ASG must fight on a continual basis, even internally. Former Vice President of Finance and Communication Dustin Boehlke has contributed to the lives of Bellevue College students and his student government team. However, he was not able to fulfill these demands for the spring quarter of 2013.

In “Student government VP resigns” article published on May 21, 2013, there are statements the ASG would like to address. Why Boehlke felt empowered to defend himself in print, and yet not face-to-face with his colleagues prior to his resignation remains a mystery.

The charges made against Boehlke each had a foundation. The call for a vote of confidence was made only after every other attempt to hold Boehlke accountable to the position he had been elected to perform.

Despite Dustin’s personal reasons addressed in the article to resign, the vote of no confident was held due to the following reasons: not attending his office hours, missing vital Board of Director meetings (dismissing his duties as “there to write the numbers”), and

First, Funding Requests are not approved by the VP of Finance and Communication, but instead voted upon by the Board of Directors which has six voting members, not including the President.

Second, not every funding request seen by the 2011 -2012 Board of Directors was approved.

Third, no decision has been reached upon whether or not the VP of Finance and Communication position will remain vacant for the remainder of the year.

Fourth, the advisors raised the issue of Boehlke’s student status often, and relied upon the flawed definition of a student in the ASG Bylaws for guidance. Fifth, we challenge News Editor Erin Hoffman’s interpretation of what constitutes an “active member of Student Programs.”Sixth, While ASG President Takhmina Dzhuraeva and Boehlke did have differences of opinion regarding ASG policy, to view their relationship as antagonistic or targeted is incorrect.

Editor’s note:

I apologize for not double-checking the number of funding requests, and that fact has been corrected in this issue. I also apologize for incorrectly stating that no one would fill Boehlke’s position. I was told the position would remain vacant, and an article regarding his replacement was run last week. Lastly, the use of “an active member of Student Programs” as an identifier was not an interpretation but rather the extent to which Boehlke revealed the identity of the person in question. He would not clarify further when pressed, wishing to leave their identity anonymous.