Letter to the Editor: Help Feed Students In Need

Help feed students in need. We are 55% of the way there.

Dear Bellevue College,

Last week, Help Feed Students In Need raised $1,779 towards its goal of $3,250, furthering its efforts to restart the Hunger Relief Program at BC. This is an amazing step towards helping some of BC’s most vulnerable students. Thank you to all of you who have contributed, be it by donation or spreading the word. Together we are not only making an impact on students in need in our community, but sending a message to other communities as well: “It can be done.”

Please consider a donation of $1-5, even the smallest donations are still making a BIG impact. For reference, it only costs $1.29 to fund a meal through the Hunger Relief Program, and every meal counts.Let’s keep it up! “Like” us on Facebook, shoot me a tweet @C_Toomey, and/or reblog our campaign page! Please visit us at http://igg.me/at/Help-Feed-Students-In-Need.