Letter to the editor: in response to food service article from Oct.29

When I read the Oct.  29 Watchdog paper I was surprised to see a quote from me. At no one time did any one from Watchdog ask for an interview. Food Service does offer a vast variety of different foods to meet the needs of students and staff. Very little food is wasted. We do try new products all the time.  If they are not a good seller they are discontinued. Prices are based on cost.  Food Service is self-supporting, we receive no funds from the state, all revenue is used for food, union wages, paper products, cleaning supplies and other related cost.  The article said who wants to eat cottage cheese and can pears. We actually sell  30 pounds of cottage cheese and  24 pounds of can pears a week.

Our staff is dedicated to excellent customer service while providing good food at the lowest possible prices.