Local Artist Column – Photographer

Maggie Short - Local Photographer

Maggie Short, a soon-to-be Bellevue College student, has been doing portrait photography for three years now. It is a hobby she has always been interested in pursuing. She gained a lot of her interest from a good friend of hers who is a fascinating photographer. Short says that she “wanted to be like her and create images like hers.” And she is more than happy she took the time to learn something that is a passion for her. When people are interested in something like photography, they usually take classes to get better at what they love; but not her. Short says, “It was a pretty natural thing. I taught myself 100 percent, starting at a little Sony camera, and eventually working my way up to my professional level camera.” Short has learned a lot of her creativity through her artistic friends and her father, who believed in her passion. After she became better at her work, Short was rewarded with getting a couple of her photos published in a small magazine called Racing Minds. Short expresses herself a great deal through the images she captures. “It’s easy to take a photo of myself and express any emotion that I want to. Nobody has to care or like it, because it’s all mine.” Art really speaks out to this artist.