“Look better naked”

Source: Brittany Butterfield / The JibsheetSurrounded in luxury and the finest equipment, personal trainers and classes, the David Barton Gym brings a whole new experience to working out. The gym is located in Downtown Bellevue as an addition to The Bravern.

This 37,000 square foot fitness gym includes a strength training floor, yoga studio, cardio equipment, group training class space and all the details to keep David Barton’s famous promise to “make you look better naked.”

“This is not a club, it is the definition of a gym,” said front desk supervisor Melissa Olsen.

The differences of this facility from its competitors lie in the architecture and details. The entrance is a very modern all wood, rounded hallway with a spotlight on the doors. “We want everyone who walks in to know that this is their gym and when they walk in, they are walking in the spotlight and are here with all the confidence and to strut their stuff, feeling good the whole workout through,” said Olsen.

David Barton Gym is an upscale place with a grand entrance, spacious lobby area in the middle of the fitness center, and a DJ playing music to get the members pumped.

It’s very dark in the fitness area, with round lights above shining blue, green, purple lights and  surrounded by mirrors and windows overlooking NE 8th and NE 112th street.

This  is the sixth addition to David Barton Gyms, and the first on the west coast. The other locations are spread throughout Chicago, Miami, and New York City. “With the growth of this city (Bellevue) and The Bravern/Neiman Marcus, I knew that this would be a great location for my gym,” said David Barton,  creator of his self-named business.

“The target audience is everyone that wants to come out of their element and look better. Here, they have all the confidence. This is your house,” said Olsen.

From the grand entrance to the DJ, past the chandelier to the locker rooms with saunas, steam rooms, and upscale David Barton products, each shower is supplied with large bottles of shaving cream, conditioner, shampoo, moisturizer and body wash.

“The structure of the place is what really shows we are not just another club, I mean what other ‘gym’ has this set theme of luxury, and is totally focused on all the ways to make you look better?” said Olsen.

The personal trainers all have extensive experience and knowledge in how to help clients achieve individual goals. They are also the instructors for all the classes offered, from “Yoga Basics,” to “Ass Blast,” to “Pain & Pleasure.” The classes have a wide variety of tactics to fit to everyone’s personal needs and desires.

David Barton came to the area to help open the gym, sign the papers and make sure he had the right staff for the team.

“I always want to be a part in the opening, this is a place where I want people to come and have fun, and be drawn in, knowing that they have made the right decision,” said Barton.

David Barton Gym opened the weekend of September 12 and has already gained an encouraging member base, and sales looking only to progress.

“One of the main reasons the gym is so pumped up and helpful is the awesome staff. Everyone here loves what they do,” said Olsen.

Olsen is an exercise science and nutrition major that wanted to work in a place “above and beyond.”

“I take so much pride in knowing that I work in a gym that is full of people just like me, eager to help everyone out, and be of service to anyone that walks through our doors. I didn’t want to just work at any fitness club, I wanted the best of the best and that is what David Barton Gym is: the best,” said Olsen.

Although the gym is upscale and luxurious, the prices are affordable, and work with the individual’s needs. They include packages and deals. For example: if you refer someone, you receive complimentary personal training, or if you sign up for a personal trainer, your membership fee is on Barton, as well as setting in to all the discounts available.

“We are in a competitive area and we have all the deals and packages to accommodate any one person’s needs,” said Olsen.

Even if you’re not looking to sign up for a membership or class just yet, Barton encourages everyone to at least, “stop in, witness the experience of the gym, and if anything at all, just talk to the friendly staff and see the shop.”