Look cute and represent your school at the same time

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Although the transferring process can make you want to claw your eyes out at any moment, there are some definite perks once the process is over and you know where you’re going to be. Not only is a weight lifted off your shoulders but it is also an excellent excuse to go shopping for some new college gear!

It used to be that the only clothing you find to sport your school were baggy T-shirts and sweats specifically meant for guys, but now there are so many more options that make representing your school look very cute.

For guys, finding college clothes or team gear is pretty easy. Look online or walk into pretty much any store like JCPenny, Finish Line, Champs, or any place that sells casual clothes for guys and you are bound to find something to wear on campus.

For the ladies, besides going to the campus bookstore or clothing store, when first thinking of where to go to buy clothes to represent your new school, definitely check out the Victoria’s Secret Pink College Collection. They have everything to show your school spirit in a flirty way, from yoga pants to boy shorts and panties.

They also sell hoodies, tanks, T-shirts, and the comfiest sweat pants to make any intense college look girly and fun. Even places like Forever 21 are starting to provide winter accessories like gloves, hats, and scarfs with school logos on them.

If you’re attending a school locally, The Seattle Team Shop is also another place you must attend before football season rolls around so you can be decked out along with the other thousands of students screaming next to you.

Also, online stores like collegegear.com and collegefootballstore.com offer tons of college clothes for you and your family. Parents love to brag about their kids, so getting them some clothes to wear on Casual Fridays is a great gift.

They also have accessories like mugs, foam fingers and hats to add a little something more to your outfit to make you the ultimate fan.

But just like any fashion rule, there are also a couple things to keep in mind with college clothing. When trying to show some spirit, being decked out from head to toe is appropriate, but on a regular day where you’re just hanging out or going to the gym, keep it simple.

Only wear one item with your college on it at the same time. For example, when going to the gym, it always looks cute when you’re working out and showing off your school colors.

This still shows that you have pride in your school but it subtly tells others where you go rather than screaming it at them.

There are a multitude of things that make transferring to a university fun, and getting to buy some spirit clothes is definitely one of them.

Though transferring can be time consuming and stressful, the rewards you get in the end make it all worth it. So go on to the next chapter in your life in style!