Love is like Santa Claus


I’m like the majority of girls out there. I like anything pink, I was once obsessed with Disney princesses, and I loved how Cinderella goes to the ball and instantly falls in love with Prince Charming.

When I was about 7 years old, all my friends were planning their dream weddings after being flower girls in some relative’s wedding. Even at that young age, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be stuck with the SAME individual for eternity. How can someone be “in love” with the same person for that long? It’s impossible.

As I grew older and became wiser with experience, I noticed how I “loved” a guy but was able to “love” another guy a year later. I saw my friends’ parents go through difficult divorces, and some even involving affairs. My dreams of a Disney love story slowly slipped away.

Last quarter, I took a really interesting course at Bellevue College: Physiological Psychology. In the class taught by Professor Virginia Bridwell, we learned the many secrets of the brain, like how  love is nothing but a chemical addiction.

During our sexual reproduction unit, BC Anthropology Professor Tony Tessandori came in to share his research. He and his team at the University of Washington are studying couples to see what love really is. It turns out that love is an infatuation that soon develops into dependence. Basically, two people who have a sexual attraction to one another become involved in a relationship filled with lust. Over time, the body then develops a chemical dependence for the other’s chemicals. If one person goes away, the other person gets withdrawals.

Once Tessandori’s research is completed, it will be possible for love to be merely detected by a simple medical test. Doctors will one day be able to scientifically prove if you’re “still in love” simply by looking at your hormone levels. Science will soon prove that love is nothing but chemicals.

Moreover, if we look back into history—back to when the world was filled with hunters and gatherers—females depended on males for protection. Today in our modern day society, we see married couples, showing how things have changed too. What I am trying to say is this: love only exists at first when there is a sexual attraction; after that, you just stay in a relationship because you need to be in one.

Once you find someone you love, you get married. Then you have/adopt kids. The kids get used to having two parental figures around, so even when things get tough, people make a huge effort to sort it out. There is no other explanation as to why someone stays in a relationship when the sex gets boring. Love is simply lust turned boring. Love is prison, love is being stuck with a person. It simply starts off as hormones that turn into whoremones, which ultimately results in “love” aka being stuck in a jail cell.

Love is nothing but a lucrative money-making industry. Card companies, jewelers, and chocolate stores need money; over time, they have created “love.” The love everyone dreams about doesn’t really exist. Love is nothing but a chemical dependence, and nothing more than a relationship you’re stuck in.

The majority of people who read this will probably pity me or try to find me a “boyfriend,” but don’t. Love isn’t real and nothing anyone does will make me change my mind.

Now, go watch “500 Days of Summer.” Yes, love is indeed like Santa Claus. Go “love” carefully.