Low challenge course open for students and staff

The low challenge course was created by Bellevue College’s Wellness Center for students, faculty and staff alike. The course is located in the wooded area near the G and the L buildings on campus. The space is intended to be used for botany and geology studies as well. Individuals will have the opportunity to test out the obstacles before proceeding with challenges in the interest of establishing familiarity and comfort. Key outcomes for the course include communication, collaboration and personal growth among many other skills.

The courses get progressively more challenging and can only be achieved by working with your peers. There are a little over half a dozen obstacles to partake in with multiple approaches to each, providing a wide array of options for first and second time challengers. This is a team activity, making it ideal for groups of people who would benefit from a strong sense of community. Communication occurs on both a verbal and nonverbal level. In order to be successful, individuals must be in constant communication in order to support one another through the tasks at hand. Collaboration is established progressively upon the realization that no task can be completed alone. Being submerged in a less familiar environment can shed light onto traits that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, allowing for more intimate introspection to occur. Knowing oneself and others is paramount to success and advancement.

Thus far, seven groups have utilized the low challenge course. Aaron Reader, assistant director of multicultural services, brought one of his classes to the course with positive outcomes. Student Victor Delgado cited the activity as his favorite of those his class partook in. Additionally, Delgado left feeling closer to his peers with a value of networking. Judy Bullard, another student from Reader’s class, achieved personal growth through her pursuit to overcome the obstacles before her.

The Wellness Center encourages groups to make use of the course and make the most of this opportunity. This was made possible by the immense support received from the campus. Open registration is offered for interested parties to try out the course on Nov. 22. This activity will last two hours from 2:30−4:30 p.m. Another opportunity to explore the low challenge course is the outdoor leadership class, PE239, offered on campus winter quarter. For more information or to register for Nov. 22, please contact Peter Prescott at peter.prescott@bellevuecollege.edu or by phone at 425-564-2032.