Lunch prices on food in BC cafeteria booming

If you go to the lunchroom you can find a vast assortment of foods. From bananas to donuts,from cereal, to even pizza.  So much food is available, but most of it is too expensive for the average student to afford. And of that food how much of each kind will actually sell, what of the food that goes untouched for the entire day. So should the food in the lunchroom be rationed based on how popular it is instead of wasting food and money every day? The short answer is yes. After speaking with the assistant manager of the lunchroom I learned that by the end of the day, all non-packaged food is thrown out and replaced by  the next morning. Now this can be seen as a responsible thing to do, no one wants to each day old cottage cheese. But who wants to eat cottage cheese in the first place.

In the lunchroom each type of food is spread out evenly so that each student will have a wide array of options for the day. Yet, if not all of it is eaten, much of it will end up in the trash day after day, and instead of deciding to serve less of said food, or not serve it at all; the same amount of the same food will be set out for another day. The assistant manager of the lunchroom told me that the most popular food that they sell is the donuts. When asked about the least popular food they sell she responded with, “well. .  . have to re-stock the food every day.. so I wouldn’t be able to tell you.”

Quite understandable but I doubt the canned pears and cottage cheese are hot sellers when you also have the choice of donuts and pizza. So instead of just re-stocking all the food at the end of the day why not figure out what the students eat the most and the least. Instead of placing the same amount of food for all types of food why not only put out a little of the foods that only a few students eat and more of the food that runs out throughout the day? This can save time and money. The extra money the school would save could help lower the prices so that a student doesn’t have to pay $7 for a sandwich and water.