Madden 25 released on 25th anniversary of franchise

One of the most popular game franchises in history has reached it’s 25th aniversary. The Madden games started back in 1989 with “John Madden Football,” named after Hall of Fame football color commentator John Madden and every year since a new Madden game has come out. This year, they released the new title “Madden 25” to represent the 25th year of the franchise. The game includes new mechanics new game mode, and while still keeping most of the old favorites. This title holds its own very well against previous Madden games. Doing many things exceptionally well, this is an easy pick-up for any fan of the Madden series, or anyone who is looking to try it for the first time.

The main mode in “Madden 25” is “Madden Ultimate Team.” In this mode you make your own dream team from cards you earn and buy in the game in order to play opponents. This has been a major staple for the game for a number of years, but there is an added twist in this version.

In “Madden 25” there is a mode called “Head-to-Head Seasons,” a 10-game season where you play against other people online. The feature allows This is one of the more compelling modes of the game as you play matches and seasons to get a true ultimate team.  My main complaint of this mode is that it is hard to get started. You start with a fairly weak team and need to play a lot of games before you can get packs to get better players. The main way around this involves spending more money to get players. Overall this is a fun mode that most people that play the game will spend time in.

The next main mode is called “Connected Franchises.” The first is where you create your own player and grow them by playing games and leading your team to victory. The next mode is where you control the head coach of a team and play full seasons leading them to victory while also doing signings, trades, etc. The last mode is where you take over as an owner of a franchise. The game also has other smaller modes such as exhibition games, “Madden Moments,” “Skill Trainer” and others. This was 25 years in the making, and it completely lives up to its reputation. I highly recommend this game to both new players and older Madden vets alike. With a large number of different ways to play, you will never be bored of playing this game. There is no better way to celebrate 25 successful years of a franchise than with an amazing game. “Madden 25” delivers and will delight fans.