Marcus Tibbs: BC basketball star

Marcus TibbsTwenty two year-old Marcus Tibbs has been playing basketball since the age of five. He started playing basketball  when he was in daycare at Garfield Community Center. Tibbs graduated from Decatur High School and started playing for the Bulldogs in his freshman year in 2009.

Tibbs’ favorite basketball player is Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. “Not only is he a great player on the court, but he is a great father and human being off the court,” added Tibbs.

Two weeks ago, Tibbs broke his jaw in two places in a home game against Peninsula College because of an action by one of the players of the opponent team. “I was very happy with this season because I was playing with a group of people I would’ve considered as my family. Since I am now not playing anymore I’m a little down, but I expect to still be around my team and hopefully lead them to an NWAACC title,” said Tibbs.

Tibbs admitted that he is competitive with his teammates. However, he added that it is what made them a better team. Tibbs best score since playing for The Bulldogs was 35 points. His best game, however, was when he was in seventh grade where he scored a total of 40 points in one game.

According to Tibbs, the Bulldog’s best game was this year when they played against Pierce College. The Bulldogs had lost to them in a tournament earlier but they beat them. Tibbs said, “When I got to play and I only scored 13 pts but I played most of the game and controlled the tempo of the game for us to get a win which is what really matters more than the points and other personal accolades. Team accolades over personal at all times.”

Tibbs always finds the time to train in between his schoolwork. As for his basketball career, he is still considering to be a professional. Tibbs added that he also enjoys coaching during his free time so coaching is another option for him to pursue.

“Before every game I pray to allow me to play the game the right way, be respectful to the game and be a good example for a anyone who is watching. I also pray for my teammates and I to be safe and have no injuries. I pray to God to say thank you to even be in the position I am in playing college basketball,” added Tibbs.

We hope that Tibbs recover soon and hopefully be able to lead the team to an NWAACC title.