Margin of Excellence: Gallery Director Nominated

Ross Brown (SOURCE: Amy Leong/ The Jibsheet)
Ross Brown (SOURCE: Amy Leong/ The Jibsheet)

Ross Brown is the current Art Gallery Director here on campus, as well as a faculty member for the Art Department. In addition, Mr. Brown has been nominated for this year’s Margin of Excellence Award by the Bellevue College Foundation, a very well deserved award.

1. What is your major? Is this your main focus in art?
I majored as an undergraduate was in Art Education, K through 12, with a minor in sculpturing. I received my Master of Fine Arts in sculpturing. My main focus for the last 35 years has been sculpture using the bronze casting as my primary technique to create the work.

2. What school did you major from?

My undergraduate degree was from Indiana University in 1969 and my master’s degree was from the University of Washington in 1980.

3. What is your current position here at BC?

I am currently a temporary full time faculty member here at the college, in the Art Department. I teach 3D Design, sculpture, drawing, and 2D Design. I am also the current Gallery Director.

4. Why did you decide to become an Art professor? What type of art do you teach?

I have always had a passion for teaching. I started my career as an artist/ teacher in 1969 and have been teaching and creating art ever since. In the studio I create my sculpture in isolation, so I articulate with my visual language. When I teach I have to expand this articulation into words and this expands my understanding of what I am so passionate about. When you create a work of art you want to share it. Teaching is sharing your passion as well. I would find it hard to just do one without the other.

5. Have you received any awards or been nominated for an award? If so when and where? And finally what are the titles of the awards?

I was just nominated for the Margin of Excellence Award by the Bellevue College Foundation. I also have received awards in art show competitions over the years. The last one was for “Base Camp” art show as part of the King County Fair two years ago.

6. Have you ever been featured in magazines or newspapers? If so when? What newspaper/magazine?

In August 1994 I was featured in the Kirkland Courier in a publishing titled “Tri-Logue, water installation.” On October 1994, I was featured in The Courier-Herald in a publishing titled “Couples collections highlight contrasts.”

7. Have you had any solo exhibitions? If so when and where?

In 2009 I had a solo exhibition at Washington State University in Vancouver Washington. In 2008 at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria Oregon, and also in 2008, I had a solo exhibition at Bellevue College’s Art Gallery.

8. What do you believe students should know about the Art Department?

The Art Department offers a wide range of basic art courses such as 2D Design, Color, drawing, 3D Design and Art History. In addition, the Art Department offers photography classes (both black and white and digital), as well as painting, ceramics and sculpture. The Art Department is also expanding its offerings by adding new classes in water color and printmaking, as well as looking into adding a jewelry making class for next year.  

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