Mariner’s “buyers” at trade deadline

Chris Denorfia



With the Seattle Mariners being a contender for the second wild card spot in the playoffs, they have decided to become “buyers” at the trade deadline. The Mariners have acquired three players before the trade deadline, who could be necessary pieces in their quest to the baseball playoffs. They have acquired 1B/DH Kendrys Morales from the Minnesota Twins, OF Chris Denorfia from the San Diego Padres and Austin Jackson from the Detroit Tigers. However, they did not pick up a pitcher.
The Mariners had a successful trade season this year that classifies them as “buyers.” 1B/DH Kendrys Morales came to the Mariners from the Twins in exchange for Mariner reliever Stephen Pryor. Pryor, who missed most of last season from a lat injury, had only one appearance with the Mariners this season and was sent back to AAA Tacoma afterwards. Morales declined a qualifying offer from the Mariners at the end of last season. This led to him not being signed until just after the MLB draft, because the team that signed him would have had to give up a first-round pick beforehand. He struggled in Minnesota when he was traded back to the Mariners to be the starting everyday designated hitter. The addition of Morales  helps other Mariners hitters, such as Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager, by relieving the pressure put on them.
OF Chris Denorfia fills one of the most vital needs of the Mariners.  To get Denorfia, the Mariners gave up OF Abraham Almonte and a prospect from the minors. Almonte started out the year as the starting CF for the Mariners but was sent down because of lack of production at the plate, among other reasons.
OF Austin Jackson came to the Mariners as  part of a three-way trade with the Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays sent SP David Price to the Tigers, and the Mariners gave up 2B/SS prospect Nick Franklin to get Jackson. Franklin, who fought with SS Brad Miller for the starting shortstop job during spring training, has had a few stints with the Mariners starting last year, when he was called up to the Mariners for the first time.  Jackson, like Denorfia, is an outfielder who can help the Mariners in one of their most vital needs. Jackson will compete with Denorfia, Ackley, Jones and Saunders for the starting outfielder positions.
The Mariners were successful buyers at the trade deadline which puts them in a position to get the second wild card spot in the American League.