Men’s basketball team secure victory over Edmonds CC

By Stephen King.
It was a solid win for the BC men’s basketball team last Wednesday, as they defeated the Edmonds Community College Tritons, 64 — 46. Bulldog domination was clear from the beginning, as they scored the first points and never allowed Edmonds to advance. “We didn’t let our lead get to single digits,” said guard, Bren Hobzek. The Bulldogs ended the first half on a high note, scoring a two-pointer as the buzzer sounded. At halftime, the scoreboard showed a 34-15 BC lead. Jeremy Eggers, The Bulldogs Head Coach, considers his team’s success to be strategic. “Winning games all starts with defense,” he said. This was most notable during the first period against Edmonds, with Egger’s team frustrating the opposition through strategic plays. This was something that Curron Singleton, Bulldog guard, considered to be the difference between the two teams. “We stopped them from scoring…we knew that they were not a good three-point team,” Singleton said. Despite leading after the first period, the Bulldogs seemed to lack their clinical defensive skills during the second. Edmonds looked a rejuvenated team after halftime, Adam Newsom, Triton’s guard, made turnovers count and scoring 12 points in quick succession. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs managed to keep an Edmond comeback at bay, soaking up pressure and breaking quickly from defense to lead by up to 20 points. Even in victory, some Bulldog players admitted to being less than thrilled with their performance. Bren Hozbek, Bulldog guard, said, “This is a team we should have beaten by 40. We didn’t play as a team, we got angry at each other, we didn’t stay together.” The rest of the BC squad left the court pleased with a victory, but disappointed with their performance, reiterated this. “We became sloppy in the second period, there were too many turnovers,” said Singleton. While we can all be pleased that a victory against Edmond was fully deserved, the Bulldogs did not seem as lively as they were when they won the Bulldog Classic Tournament. “We were playing better then,” said Eggers, certain that his team will “bounce back” and be playing to their full potential again very soon. There were glimpses of Bulldog basketball at its best against Edmonds. Bren Hobzek, Rahiti Marere, and Curron Singleton all stood out as decisive, game-impacting players. Even Edmond’s guard, Smith, acknowledged that BC players “wanted to win the game more” and had more talent. BC, who take on Shoreline Community College on Wednesday and Olympic Community College on Saturday, intend to consolidate on the positives and improve on the negatives taken from the Edmonds game. Eggers, who said his team did “not play smart,” considered the result to show great potential and that the talent and team spirit the Bulldogs have can only be a “good thing.” It is reassuring to know that, even after a victory, some of our BC basketball players are disappointed with their performance, wanting to strive for perfection. “This was a poor performance and next game is when we will turn it around,” said Singleton.