Men’s basketball rankings

basketballAs a season progresses, sports teams start to show who is the best in the league. The same can be said for all collegiate sports such as the men’s basketball team led by Head Coach Jeremy Eggers. Over the season, their ranking in North West Athletic Association of Community Colleges has changed showing how strong they are compared to the rest of the teams in their division. Rankings are determined throughout the season through a team’s wins and losses against other teams in its league. The more wins a team has, the better ranking the team will have.  “We have changed in the rankings throughout the season depending on how we have done with wins and losses. We went through a three game losing streak about a week ago that put us as low as tenth, but we have had two good wins since then that will show in the next rankings and if we continue to win we should move up in the rankings,” said Eggers.

Throughout the season, the team had some ups and downs that have impacted its ranking. One disadvantage for the team was the loss of Sophomore Marcus Tibbs, one of the team’s star players. Tibbs is out for the season with an injury. Another negative is that earlier in the season, the team lost three straight games dropping their ranking to tenth in the NWAACC standings. However, the team has played well and keeps a simple goal during the season in a hard division. “Our goal is to make the NWAACC tournament, which means we will need to finish in the top four of the North division to make the NWAACC tournament,” said Eggers.

The team is currently ranked eleventh in the overall NWAACC rankings, and ranked third in their North division with their 11-6 record so far. Teams that are ahead of the BC’s team are Skagit Valley College with a record of 12-6 and Whatcom Community College with a record of 12-5. Other star players on the team, not including the injured Tibbs, are three sophomores: Andrew Squiers, Alec Wilson and Tyler Stracener.

The team is continuing to play well with a strong cast of good basketball players. What fans can do to show support for their team and help them get to the NWAACC tournament is to go to the home games and cheer for them to give them the home-court advantage over any opposing team.