Men’s soccer kicks off season with success

men's soccer cropped

The Bellevue College men’s soccer team has recruited several new players to the team in their quest to make the playoffs and attempt to win the NWAACC tournament championship.

The team recruited eight new players to join the three sophomores left on the team for the new season. Assistant coach Bastien Catrin said he is pleased with the freshmen in the team. He believes the new players will be instrumental to the success of the team. “The new players in the team are doing well,” he said. “We have lots of new players. They are all doing a great job. The team is getting better every day. […]We have six more games to play before the playoffs. I think we are in a good position to get [there]. I and Andrew Croft, the head coach of the team, believe in our players. We are confident that we will get to the playoffs.” The team now occupies the third spot on the western conference table with six matches to play before the playoffs.

Team captain Miguel Hernandez, a sophomore, is impressed with the new recruits. He is looking forward to playing in the playoffs. ”The new guys are doing a great job, adapting to the system and our style of play, tactically,” he said. ”We are looking pretty good. We are playing Highline College and Peninsula College soon. They are the toughest teams in the western conference. We need to win all our matches to get to the playoffs, but I am confident that with the players we have we can get [there].”

The new players in the team are also in need of silverware. Daniel Faundez, the assistant captain, is a freshman who was recruited during the spring. He says the sophomores have shown a positive attitude toward the game and the new players. ”It is interesting to come in and see the kind of mentality the [sophomores] had,” said Faundez. “I believe in the team. We have a lot of good players. We would like to get to the playoffs and win the NWAACC Championship to dedicate the trophy to our injured colleague, former captain Ricardo Gijon-Hernandez.”

The team was scheduled to play Peninsula College last Friday, but the match was postponed due to ferry service issues. The squad made it as far as the Seattle ferry terminal before a breakdown in service forced them to return back to Bellevue. The team will now make up their game at Peninsula on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 2:15 p.m.