Men’s soccer team drops to bottom of the table

SUL_0184ThumbnailBellevue College’s Men’s Soccer team dropped to the last position in standings in the west group after a loss against guests Olympic College. Two first half goals from the guests sank the home team, who did not manage to find the net despite a couple of chances.

The game was played  Sept. 25 on BC’s soccer field, where the players and  the spectators were able to experience the fair weather and the sunlight. Dozens of people showed up to watch and some could be seen sitting on their own chairs and blankets on the rising sidelines. Cheers could be heard and the Bulldogs mascot even made an appearance.

Despite having most of the possession, the Bulldogs failed to create a breakthrough. Olympic managed to win the game with their quick and successful counter attacks and two goals in the first half, which was enough to secure a victory.

This performance does not reflect the Bulldogs’ recent 2-0 triumph over SW Oregon. They lacked creativity in front of the goal and failed to complement their ball possession. Although their build-up play could be seen along with their togetherness and good communication, the Bulldogs were not as effective and fatal in their attack as their rivals. A couple of defensive setbacks gave Olympic the opportunity to pounce and they did so with no mistake. An effective playmaker and assist leader was also yet to reveal himself, unlike those possessed by Olympic College.

The Bulldogs’ lone striker seemed to be overwhelmed with the defense and could not take advantage of his chances. Some crosses were also ineffective and inaccurate, causing the Bulldogs even more problems as they faced a solid and alert goalkeeper and defense as their opponent. The midfield was also dominated by their opponents and the Bulldogs also seem to have a relatively low pass completion rate.

However, the second half showed promising signs. The Bulldogs’ more disciplined line of defense and personnel changes prevented their opponents from expanding the gap. Furthermore, they possess quick and physically strong wingers and overlapping fullbacks who can cross and provide opportunities.

Games come to an end after 90 minutes of action. The players walked towards the spectators and applauded them, leading to a standing ovation. The pitch is emptied before sunset.

This result means that Olympic College would take over the Bulldogs for fourth place after gaining 3 points to increase their tally to 7 points.

This brings BC’s league run to two wins and two losses, with only 6 points in their pocket. This leaves BC with a total of nine league games remaining and a total of 27 points available.

The Bulldogs face Pierce College and then Tacoma Community College on Sept 28 and Oct. 2 respectively, with both games played away from home. They will have their next home game on Oct. 5 against South Puget Sound Community College.