Vote like the future depends on it

Let’s face it, Donald Trump is unfit for office. The whole political system in the United States is corrupt. Corporate interests dominate the political landscape. The nation is split in half, pitting the left against the right in a fight to the death as both parties are pushed further into their respective corners of the political-sphere. Fox News, being the only news agency he watches, is using Trump as a puppet to try and push their nationalist agenda. By rolling back Obama era policies like Obamacare, tax reform and the protections on Planned Parenthood, he’s letting the lower classes deal with the financial and social problems that he is creating. The right has been getting increasingly inflammatory, calling asylum seekers illegal immigrants, which is a blatant lie. They constantly blame the left for their mess, then Fox News has the audacity to say to keep job growth in the United States.

We have to vote the way Trump wants us to vote, which is akin to voting for a bigger problem. We need to stand up to them or else they will have the right amount of power to really mess up America. How can we trust a man who can sympathize with neo-Nazis and blames the media not himself for not one, not two but three hate crimes that follow suit with his rhetoric? We can’t let them continue to let their outdated ideologies define us as a nation or else we will lose any standing we have in the global theatre. We need to block any way they can gain power by voting against them in our local elections.

This year is a huge opportunity for that. There are 35 senate seats and all 435 house seats are up for election. This is the best chance we have to fill those seats with people who can actually help instead of listening to corporate lackeys. In local elections, your voice matters. The opinion of the people does have power over politicians even if they seem like they don’t care. They need your support to stay in office and get paid. The perceived apathetic nature of the millennials is what is tearing America apart. People think we don’t care, but that’s all going to change. This year’s voter turnout is supposed to be historically large especially with young people, but don’t let that make you complacent. Your vote will help strengthen the movement, not weigh it down. Voting is the one time where the people’s voice is made front and center in America. If we don’t vote, those seats will be filled by politicians who are complicit with Trump’s antics. We need people in power who can actually tell us the truth and not constantly have to stroke their ego. His flavor of politics is eye catching and infectious even though it contains some of the most repulsive, racist and regressive policies in recent American history, such as the notion that Trump can reverse birthright citizenship. We need to show them that this behavior won’t stand in the United States. By filling those seats with people we can trust, they can attempt to fix the mess that Trump has made and bring back the America that we knew and loved. One where people weren’t afraid of the government, and could actually trust their politicians. In the voting booth, there are no useless ideology.