Million dollar textbooks

Textbookthumb College students are generally well informed that  the beginning of a new quarter  comes at a price—a very high price.

With students having to drain either their own financial aid, their parent’s bank account  or however else they can dish out money to pay for the explosive cost of tuition, (which is expected when getting a higher-education) comes the mandatory and emotionally draining, time to purchase textbooks.

Every class students take, whether it be a class at a university or at a community college, requires students to purchase textbooks.  With the exception of physical education, choir, etc. I’m not saying I dislike the idea of buying textbooks, I just don’t like “the idea” of how if you want to try and do the ‘cheaper’ options of purchasing books from websites like Amazon or whatever, you inevitably have to wait for them to ship to your house and then you fall behind three days into the quarter to save $70.  At that point you then miss points for not knowing all the material for a pop quiz at the end of week two and start the quarter off with a C-

At this point your hair is falling out and you just want to run away from school, hide in your basement and watch continuous re-runs of “How I Met Your Mother.”

What is most frustrating is if you do buy the $150-270 dollar textbook from the bookstore like you are rightfully encouraged to do, sometimes you have to buy several books for just one class. Do the math for a full course load and you’re looking at $500 and higher just on some damn book you will skim through to answer the questions for homework and never crack open again in your life. By January you will be, yet again, in the same situation, rinse and repeat. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for some textbook redemption.