Missing teacher’s family holds memorial service

A memorial service will be held this weekend for Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz, the BCC instructor found missing from a Bainbridge ferry the night of January 13.
Although Seattle police consider Stafford-Yilmaz to be a missing person, her husband, Mustafa Yilmaz, believes she committed suicide. He told Seattle police he found a note indicating she had plans to do so.
“Considering the situation, the note she left behind and the evidence, her family believes that Lynn decided to end her life that night”, he wrote in a message to the college community. Investigators, according to the Seattle police, have not yet determined conclusively whether Stafford-Yilmaz was ever on the ferry that night.
“There are people who saw Lynn boarding the ferry and on the ferry,” wrote Mustafa Yilmaz.
The location and time of the memorial, open to students and faculty, can be found by contacting the BCC Human Resources department.
Seattle police are still asking for anyone who has information into the whereabouts of Stafford-Yilmaz to contact the State Patrol at 360-405-6650.