MMORPGs: taking over lives

Written by: Joseph Padilla
Contrary to the many players’ and gamers’ opinions and high praise for online gaming, there are many downsides to playing these MMORPGs. They can be quite hazardous to one’s health, dangerous to one’s privacy and can prove to be a big waste of money and time. Sitting for hours at a time leveling up that knight or titan of yours without any form of exercise or physical activity is not good for your health. Sure, it’s exciting when you level up time and time again, and sure it’s quite exhilarating when you defeat that insanely powerful boss monster. However that excitement isn’t going to keep you in good physical health. Lack of physical activity will definitely show when you try to put on those favorite pair of jeans the next time. But health isn’t the only thing that’s at risk when you play these so-called “amazing” online games. Your identity and computer privacy is at risk when you play with millions of other people. And chances are, you’re likely playing with some very vicious computer geeks who have no lives and spend their time hacking other people’s gaming accounts simply because they don’t like you. And if they can hack your game account, there’s no telling what other information they can get from your personal computer. It’s just not safe because of all those nerdy hackers out there. Of course there’s also the issue of money and time that goes into playing these online games. MMORPGs are incredibly addictive and can take up the better part of your day from the moment you first start up the game. Hours upon hours can be stacked up in no time, and before you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and you forgot to write that essay that’s due in less than 5 hours. Not to mention the money that gets drained from your bank accounts. Before you click “download” on that game, think twice. You may save yourself lots of money, time and embarrassment because online gaming can really take its toll on you.