MMORPGs: the fun factor

Written by: Kylah Ellison
Most everyone has something that they enjoy doing when they have free time. For many people, that something is playing Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games, otherwise known as MMORPGs. Games like these attract millions and millions of players, but some of you may wonder just what is all the fuss about? For starters, the main reason that these games are so much more fun than just your average Playstation or computer game is because you are playing online with so many people from all over the globe! This gives you a chance to meet a diverse group of people, learn to use teamwork, and develop friendships that for many people will last a lifetime. For example, I have known many people who have met someone while playing a game, developed a friendship and ended up meeting in real life. Secondly, MMORPGs always remain new and exciting because every time you log in and play, there are always different people around you to interact with. Since they are online games with so many people playing at once, you never know who you’ll get to meet or play with the next time you decide to play. And third, online games allow you to completely customize your style of game play. You can choose to play solo and just rely on yourself, you can meet people and travel in groups, you can invest as much time and energy as possible to make the most out of the game or you can just play it as you would any other game, just trying to get to the highest level and then quitting and moving on. But no matter how you choose to spend your time with a MMORPG, you won’t be disappointed. After all, there must be a reason why games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Guild Wars have become some of the most played games, right?