Multicultural Club Fall Gathering


The Multicultural Services Fall Gathering is happening on Wednesday, Oct 24, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be taking place in C-120A and B. The MCS Fall Gathering is an annual community building event that aims to reduce the social distance between students and faculty and staff at Bellevue College. MCS is a program at BC that provides academic support services as well as support for students of color, immigrants and refugees, low-income students, first generation and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Queer. For some students who might not know what MCS is, MCS hold events that promote cultural diversity within the college and surrounding community. The event is open to any student that goes to BC.

The MCS conducts gatherings biannually, during the fall and winter quarters. During the gathering, food will be provided by the MCS. Students that come could eat a complementary lunch, which includes soups, rolls, corn breads and plenty of additional snacks.

The MCS Fall Gathering is much bigger than the Winter Gathering.

The MCS Fall Gathering is one of the most popular events sponsored by MCS because of the number of people that come to the event. Kathy Colasurdo is one of the Program Specialist and Advisors at MCS. According to Colasurdo, last year, about 200 students, faculties, staffs, and administrators attended.

According to Colasurdo, at the MCS Fall Gathering, students are able to meet with the faculty and staff and to instigate conversations not limited to school problems. Colasurdo said, “Students could talk with other students, staff, faculty about anything, it’s a good opportunity to know each other outside of the classroom.”

Henry Amaya, MCS Student Retention Specialist, said that the event is being held to bring the whole school community together. According to Amaya, the event is very important, as it is the time where students and faculties are able to get to know each other on a more personal level, therefore creating a more vibrant campus environment.

Amaya’s vision for the gathering is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students, especially new students, where they are able to interact with their peers, instructors and others at the school community.

Michelle Arce, a Front Desk Assistant at MCS, said that by coming to the Fall Gathering, students will learn about the different things MCS does and how students can get involved with MCS. Arce added that advisors from Advising and Counseling will come to the event, giving students the opportunity to talk to them about both academic and non-school-related issues. Interactions with counselors at the event will come without a time restriction.

The MCS Fall Gathering will also educate students about the different services that MCS offers, such as admissions and registration assistance, campus and community referrals, student leadership development, consultation with instructors and many others that MCS has to offer.