My Favorite Things… Do Valentine’s Day right

By Brittany Butterfield.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, or taking a horse-drawn carriage ride down extravagant avenue. Either way, this holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world is a way for lovers to express their affection for each other. If you are going by a budget, or thinking of a way to go above and beyond; both include flowers, chocolate, dinner, and a heck of a good night. The best way to do Valentine’s Day right is the presentation.
If you are going on a budget, the flowers can consist of one single rose, for most women a single rose means just as much as a dozen, especially if it is given in a way that takes a little more than handing it to her at the door. One rose at most convenience stores cost around three dollars; it is not too much to put down when it is one of the most desired items on a Valentine’s day wish list. Some of the methods of presentation for this item would be to lay it on their pillow for them to find, or taping it to the door, or on their car. Presentation shows the “above and beyond” aspect of the holiday, proving to your significant other that you are willing to go out of your way to keep the surprise and affection in the relationship. Going the extravagant route could mean a dozen roses with each rose in a different place, or rose pedals on the ground in a trail leading to the dozen roses together. Roses and rose pedals are all you need to add sensation to your night, or their favorite type of flower is a must, especially if you get the type and color right.
Next up is chocolate, or their favorite type of sweets. If you’re on a budget this could be your time to shine: home cooked sweets come off as the preferred gift over store bought chocolates. Whether they are delicious or taste like cardboard, it won’t matter; it has done its part on showing the time you put in the relationship. Not all sweets have to take forever to cook or be difficult, they can range from heart shaped cookies to brownies, fudge, or those personalized M&Ms with you and your loved one’s picture on it. Just don’t get anything that says