My last words to our graduated staff

Photograph by Amy Miller

Congratulations to everyone who graduated and are heading off to four-year colleges.

Thank you so much for being my biggest supporters as I took the position of Editor-in-Chief winter quarter. This was an amazing journey coming from The Jibsheet to now The Watchdog. We have gained amazing lengths to be where we are today andit is thanks to all of you.

For my section editors: Anissa, you have improved exponentially throughout these quarters! I can’t tell you how amazing it has been working with you and how excited I am for you to be going to Boise State University this fall quarter and playing for their tennis team! Please make sure to keep in touch :) Jesse, I can’t believe your journey has ended with The Watchdog. It’s been great being able to work with you from my first day joining The Jibsheet until now, The Watchdog. I can’t wait to see you in movies down the road! Good luck at Western Washington University :) Michelle, you have made news so entertaining while keeing them informative. I can say today that we are finally a reliable source of news thanks to all of your hard work! Make a difference at Washington State University! But remember, you could always send an opinion about skiing! Robert, you always come and save the day with sports! Without you coming back when we were in need of someone who was passionate about sports, we could never have kept up!  Thank you for coming back and joining us this quarter :)

For my writers and copy editors: Jayna, ah how I will miss your cute puppy backgrounds and talk about hot celebrities. It will be weird not having to have a reliable opinionated writer who is always willing to write an amazing article when needed! Also being so flexible to copy edit. Thank you for all of your dedicated time! Good luck at Western Washington University! C, I still remember the first day you sat with us last year summer quarter. I can’t believe it’s been exactly one year since then. You have improved so much over the past year and I want to congratulate you one last time on your award at WCCJA! It’s been an honor working with you and good luck at Westen Washington University. Stephanie, you have been so dedicated to our paper and I want to thank you for always being there when needed. You were never late and always there when told. You are seriously a trooper! Good luck at University of Washington!

For my photographer and graphic designer: Benj, thank you for coming in for one quarter and getting all of those events covered in every week. You worked so hard to get all of those fantastic photos! You are an amazing photographer. Kevin, your art skills are phenomenal. It has been fun working with you and being surprised every single time you send us a graphic. You always give something better and better. Good luck at DigiPen.

To the graduates of The Watchdog, it has really been an honor to work with each and every one of you. Without you, my experience here at The Watchdog would have not been the same. I hope for the best for everyone, and now you are all officially alumni!

Everyone coming back fall quarter, I cannot wait to work with all of you again and keep this amazing paper going!

Go Watchdogs!!