Myth Buster: Creating Peace of Mind

I really  hate going out at night in this weather. It makes it almost impossible to look cute and not freeze your butt off at the same time. And since the sun didn’t stay out as much as I had hoped and it is back to being really cold, I’m in a dilemma. That is until I discovered a couple tricks to make your outfit night-life appropriate but weather appropriate as well, and I just had to share them.

So continuing with the trend of providing advice that I believe is very necessary, here are some items of clothing to debunk the ultimate winter myth: You can’t be cute and warm.


Item:  Tall boots.

Why: For women, the length should hit just below the knee and for men, a little above the ankles. Black boots especially can keep your outfit semi-formal without crossing over into a casual night.

You can buy them in many different styles to match whatever you’re wearing and keep all your little piggies happy. Add some wool socks and they will be in heaven.

Item:  Maxi dress.

Why: This one is more for the ladies, unless that’s your thing, guys, in which case that’s cool too. But I know what you’re thinking: A dress… in winter? Yeah, why now?! If you aren’t trying to bear the cold in a cocktail dress, a maxi dress is the perfect second. Because they are usually so loose and long, you can wear layers under them like tanks and leggings.

Item:  Fur (or faux fur) sweater collar.

Why: I have heard some mixed opinions about fur collars but in my opinion this is one trendy piece of clothing. Either you can buy a sweater already with the fuzzy lining or you can buy it as an attachment. This is genius! It allows you to take any item you already have and in five seconds transform it to be perfect for winter.

Item:  Leather pants—for the gals.

Why: There is a reason bikers wear them—they are warm. Leather pants just sounds like something you would wear at night without thought, so the fact that they are naturally warm is an excellent plus.

Item:  Corduroy pants – for the guys.

Why: They come in a ton of colors and can be worn casually or when going out at night with just a switch of a few pieces of clothing. Best of all, they are thick and will keep you warm while you walk from your car because she insisted on going to that fancy restaurant that takes up all the nearby parking.


You don’t always have to sacrifice warmth for style. With these items, we can wait out a little longer for the sun.