MYTH BUSTER! Creating Peace of Mind

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Besides the break about college academics to discuss the much important fashion issue, we need to focus a little bit about a social aspect of college that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The more friends, the better.


I know in high school being “popular” was one of the top goals of students, but sorry, those days are over.

Yes, knowing a lot of people is not a bad thing and can be great for networking, but when it comes to finding close friends, less is more.

I believe that most of the social drama in high school and life in general comes from “friends” that cannot not keep their mouths shut about your business, and I’m sure many would agree.

This reminds me of the famous variation of the Shakespeare quote, “love all, and trust no one.”

This is honestly true.

I have found that having many friends can actually be more stressful than just having a few because you are constantly trying to make time to hang out with all of them, which probably means you aren’t able to spend time with your actual close friends.

Honestly, I only have about five close girl friends that I hang out with, and I am completely fine with that.

They are the ones that have my back no matter what happens, know me in and out, know all my secrets and won’t tell them.

Just think about it, remember all those “friends” you had in high school? How many of them do you still talk to on a regular basis?

There were friends I had in high school where once we graduated, we never talked.

Although this seems like an unfortunate thing, I’m sure they are very happy doing what they’re doing, as am I.

Not only is it just too difficult to maintain 30 friendships, it’s not worth it.

There are too many people and too many personalities that are most likely not as loyal as they would be if you only had a few go-to friends.

When you have a ton of friends, it is difficult to get to know every single one and really connect with every single one.

Trust me, if you ever feel as though you want to be like the people you see that know everyone and where everyone is their friend, really evaluate the situation because most likely, the few friends you have are way better than the numerous ones they do.

So my overall advice is to be friendly to everyone but make your friendship exclusive!

Sure, in the end you may only have a few people by your side, but those few people will never leave your side and that’s what really matters.

Have an awesome week!