MYTH BUSTER! Creating Peace of Mind

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Men vs. women: The ultimate battle of the sexes which has been fought since the existence of mankind (and womankind) and still continues as we speak.

For this week’s myth, I’m going to take it in a different direction and clear up a misconception about men and women that many claim to be true.


Men cheat more than women.


I might get shunned for this, but I’m sorry women, I have to call you out on this one.

The problem with society in the past which still occurs today is that women are placed on a pedestal and are told they can not do wrong.

Although sitting on a throne seems appealing, this means that women are held up to unfair expectations.

There are several decades worth of effort to remove the expectations placed upon women to even out the playing field. Part of the unrealistic expectations is the false ideas that men make more mistakes than women.

I find it interesting that some women want to be seen as equals to men but only when it comes to things that benefit their image.

The reality is that women are just as capable of doing wrong as men, including cheating, and they do.

This myth may have been true in the past, but with the rise of women’s liberation, this has quickly changed.

Yes, there are plenty of men that do cheat, but there are plenty of women that do too.

Saying that women don’t is adding to the burdening appearance and behavior women are told they must project.

Truth is, it’s the 21 century. Women now a days feel the same freedom as men do, which means the same freedom to do what they want, good or bad.

Women find satisfaction in cheating for the same reasons men do. Whether it’s to try something new, boost their confidence, or because they feel unappreciated, everyone is capable of cheating, no matter your sex.

What may be true though, is that women feel guiltier about cheating than men do.

According to, there is a difference when men cheat vs. women.

Many times women try to turn purely platonic relationships into something more, from “fantasy to reality.” So when some women cheat, they are testing if the person they are with is a better fit for a relationship than the situation they are currently in.

Women are “seeking a potential soul mate; he’s just having fun.”

I’m not saying that women are untrustworthy, heartless people, but when it comes to personal affairs, no one is perfect.