Myth Buster! Creating Peace of Mind

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This week’s myths are targeted towards all the incoming freshmen whose heads are jumbled with anxiousness and nerves.


College is more difficult than high school.


College isn’t more difficult but it is a lot different.

In high school, you had to worry about attending and doing homework for seven classes but in college you only have about three and you have a lot of down time to study for them.

For many people, the reason college seems more difficult is because they actually have to motivate themselves to do the work and go to class. You don’t have your parents telling you what to do anymore so it’s easier to fall behind and get confused in class.

Yes, the work load is heavier, but not only do you have more time to do it, in college having a study group isn’t weird but in fact is suggested, so asking a couple class mates if they would like to meet outside of class to work together is a good idea.

As long as you focus and take advantage of the opportunities Bellevue College offers like the Academic Success Center in room D204, you’ll do perfectly fine.


You should choose a major right away.


You really don’t need to until about junior year.

According to, over 70 percent of college students change their major at least once.

It is actually a waste of money and time to declare a major right off the bat because if you change your mind, you could possibly lose credits and you wasted time that could’ve been spent taking necessary classes.

College is designed to provide you as a student with as many different courses on a variety of subjects that fit your interests.

This doesn’t mean you should just relax until you are forced to pick a major but every time you take a class, really think about the careers the class is geared towards and if you can really see yourself in that career.

Get your core classes out of the way first, and then take electives that interest you.

If you really have no idea what you want to do, that’s okay! I would recommend getting your general associates that way you can take a huge variety of classes that will still be applied towards something.

Also, talk to your advisor, they aren’t just there to look at; they can really help you organize your year.

I hope this helps you and that you had a fantastic first week of school, only 9 more to go!