NBA Lockout Continues…


The NBA lockout seems like it will go on forever.

The players association and owners are still unable to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.

It’s upsetting to me that both sides would rather get no money than settle for a little less. I know both sides are thinking long term and what seems best for everyone.

There comes a point, however, when you just cut your losses, pick up the pieces and move forward for what you know is right.

I do not know if it’s egos or the mentality that the other does not want to back down and admit defeat.

The one that says enough is enough and gets the deal done will, in the end look like the bigger and more mature one.

If it were not for the fans the league would not even exist and right now I feel like they could care less about the fans.

Right now the NBA is losing more viewers each season and this lockout has definitely turned more people away from the sport. They need to settle fast and in an appropriate manner to save their image.

Both sides believe they are entitled to more than the other believes is fair.  The commissioner David Stern has decided to cancel all games through the end of November.

There is still hope however to resurrect an entire 82 game season. You may think this sounds impossible, but officials reassure us that it can still be accomplished.

The way this would be possible would be to compress all the games into the shorter time frame. However, there are two major problems this could potentially cause.

The first problem could be for the older players in the league who require the time in-between games to recover.

More games would have to be compressed during the week causing more back-to-back games.

This would make it tougher for superstars such as Kobe Bryant who is now 33 and benefits greatly from breaks throughout the season. The other main issue is booking out the arenas for the new schedule.

NBA arenas don’t just host NBA games, but also hold concerts, as well as other public and private events throughout the year.

As the fans now sit from the outside looking in, wondering if there will even be a season this year, it’s hard for them (me included) to understand why they cannot come to a deal.

We can now only hope they get a new deal signed soon, so training camps can open and we can get the players back on the hardwood where they should be this time of year.