New ASG President

When Zawdie Terry’s ASG presidency term was cut short, the ASG team held a meeting at which they voted “within [themselves] for somebody who was already on the student government to fulfill the position,” says Alex Clark, ASG environmental and social responsibility representative. Leslie Mayo, former ASG VP of finance and communications, was elected at the “emergency meeting,” as she described it, to fill in as the ASG president for the remainder of the 2013-2014 term. The ASG team “unanimously voted between the two VPs and I was voted in by [a] majority of votes.”
As the new ASG president, Mayo says she plans to “continue fulfilling [her] duties of finance and communication and of course the new duties [she] has as the ASG president,” which includes responding to emails, attending regular meetings with various people, continuing to work with the Washington Student Association, chairing the Board of Directors meetings, finishing the S&A process and leading the ASG team to finish the academic year strongly. Alex Clark explained that many of Mayo’s precious tasks as VP of finance and communications were delegated “to other people so that she could [work in] the president’s position.” “I feel like she’ll bring stability to our team, because it kind of crumbled a bit when we lost our president. She’s very experienced in everything that she needs to do, so I think she’ll be great,” Clark shared. Adlai Gomez, ASG emerging technology and entrepreneurial representative says similar, “I’ve known Leslie since before even I was in ASG, I know that she works hard and that she’s willing to step up and do what needs to be done.” Mayo said that she “want[s] to say that one of the things that will set me apart from past ASG presidents would be the communication and the connection this ASG has as a team. We are all [on] the same page about what this team means to each other and I am proud to say that my team is united and always working hard for not only by students but also each other. […] We are not only a team but a family. That is something that does not happen every year.”
“This transition has been a great learning experience,” Mayo explained. “It has taught me to be a better leader not for myself but for those who depend on me and my example. It has taught me to always be ready for whatever life throws at you and definitely, this transition has reminded me that one stick alone is easy to break but many sticks together become a lot harder. I need all the members of ASG together to continue working forward.”Leslie Mayo