New BC gallery displays greatness

It is interesting how one can walk into a room where the silence is so vast yet so much is communicated without speech.  At the Bellevue College Art Gallery you can gaze upon manifestations created by an artist that communicates to every individual in very different ways. This is art that gives a feeling, tells a story, a crafted piece that may even cause you to think of another world in our minds.

People from far and wide can come and appreciate the Bellevue Art exhibit, “Surrogate” by Michelle Acuff. Director of the Bellevue Art Gallery and Faculty Head of Photography Chad White shared his thoughts on current events:

“There is currently have a brand new installation by an artist named Michelle Acuff. She is actually an assistant professor in sculpture at Whitman College in Walla Walla so it’s a great honor to have an artist that is relatively local as part of the show,” White said with relish.

White noted, “As an installation artist, she has a very interesting mix of materials. One of the first things you will notice is that there is a variety of digital imagery some photographic based works such as well as sculptural forms.”

It will be clear to audience members who attend that they are in a great exhibit when they lay their hands on a very well put together brochure, a piece of art in itself that draws the viewer into the exhibit verbally and as much as it does visually.

The brochure describes how she made them, the materials used and the message that impacts the audience personally and socially.

White commented, “This is a good place to be as the audience because those are the kinds of questions that Michelle the artist is raising…Interest in ideas of nature and culture and current ideas of how we define nature and what nature means to us.”

The BC Art Gallery has had great exhibits in the past. The most recent was the 2012 Faculty Exhibition that featured the works of the BC professors. For Black History Month, the Art Gallery featured art  by big names in art such as Lorna Simpson and Cara Walker.

There’s a piece of art in us all and it’s a guarantee that observing amazing pieces among amazing individuals will stir the mind and inspire passion.