New campus safety features

campus call box
Public Safety call box located outside the N building.

Recently, emergency call boxes have been installed in various locations on campus, and the safety committee has set up an official email address to which anyone can report a concern they have regarding the campus and its infrastructure.

Public Safety has also relocated their main office to the D building from the K building. Director of Public Safety Tommy Vu described this new location as “more central to the campus.” The D171 location allows for more visibility and faster response times. Public Safety is planning for digital monitors to be mounted at the D271 location, which Public Safety will likely update with daily crime logs on campus and as reported by the Bellevue Police Department in surrounding areas.

Public Safety call box located outside the N building.
Public Safety call box located outside the N building.

The recent improvements of campus safety have been in the planning stages for a while, according to Vu. “Some of the safety measures were made priority due to recent concerns of students,” he added.

Public Safety has worked with the BC safety committee to increase safety on campus, and will continue makings steps towards a safer campus. Wayne Snow, one of the safety committee members who works in information resources, described the committee as “a collaborative group across the spectrum of the campus,” because the group includes representatives from Public Safety, administration, staff, faculty and the Associated Student Government. The safety committee deals mostly with infrastructure issues, such as cracks in concrete that someone might trip on or loose wiring somewhere within a building.

The safety committee has been around for many years, but the official email address for the various leaders of the committee has been a recent addition. Snow mentioned that, as a general rule, concerns in the past have been shared with Public Safety, Campus Operations or administration. “There’s always been something these, this is just another avenue to get the committee more involved,” he said.

The emergency call boxes were recently installed on campus after years of anticipation. “The phones are easy to use, and utilize a push to talk method,” Vu said. “Those who wish to make a call on the phone push the call button and it rings directly to the Public Safety department,” which is staffed all hours and days of the week. Public Safety deals with immediate issues of safety such as theft, escorting someone who perhaps doesn’t feel safe walking on campus at night or other issues of that nature.

To learn how to report specific and non-emergency concerns, visit These concerns include behavioral issues, student misconduct, in incident reporting and the safety committee. Any reports regarding student behavior or misconduct will be directed to the Behavior Intervention Team, and incident reporting goes directly to Public Safety. “We are working to develop additional ways to report concerns online or via cell phone,” Vu said.