New class explores sources of happiness

Matthew Rietveld / The Watchdog

Beginning at the start of the fall 2017 quarter, Bellevue College will be offering a new course entitled Interdisciplinary Studies 125: The Pursuit of Happiness.

“This class explores what social scientists have discovered about happiness for people and societies,” said Deepti Karkhanis, department chair of psychology at BC. “We’ll discuss the role of both personal and political forces that play a role in people’s happiness and subjective well-being,” she added. According to the BC website, the class will be prompting students with questions such as “What is happiness?” and “What are the elements of a fulfilling and meaningful life?”

This class will apparently cover many topics including “friendship, gratitude, justice, citizenship, time, sustainability, self-compassion, empathy, meaning, creativity, music, politics, money, achievement, spirituality and humor,” said Karkhanis.

INTER 125 will be focusing on happiness or lack thereof on an individual level in today’s society. “All students will be encouraged to reflect on what makes them happy in their own lives, and what they can do it cultivate more happiness in themselves and others,” Karkhanis explained.

The BC website also states that “Students and faculty participating in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program build learning communities that integrate teaching and learning across academic disciplines and engage personal, civic, and academic learning objectives in collaborative, supportive, student-centered environments.”

The social science division of interdisciplinary studies explained that “no matter the listing of the course, all social scientists are dedicated to the deepening of our knowledge of humanity and the complexity and richness of the human situation.”

INTER 125 will be taught by Deepti Karkhanis and Dr. Tim Jones, chair of the political science program. Students enrolled in an IDS course will receive credit in two subjects, five credits for each of the individual courses that make up INTER 125.