New dean of student life

Michael Kaptik was recently chosen to be the new dean of student life at Bellevue College. Student Programs redesigned a new organizational structure, splitting student service into four distinct areas: Student success, student enrollment and financial services, international education and global initiatives and student life and leadership. Kaptik will be supervising the student life and leadership area and student life, housing and athletics will report to him.

Student Programs was created to encourage personal connections and exploration for the student body. The program’s mission is to help students succeed by learning about themselves and those around them and to empower students to create a successful campus community.

Kaptik was chosen as the new dean because he “was the most qualified candidate whose work experience and qualifications best met the position description of the dean of student life and leadership,” stated Ata Karim, vice president of Student Programs. “I’m excited that he accepted the position.”

Kaptik possessed the qualities to oversee the student body, as he had “extensive background in overseeing and managing student housing was a major factor in his selection as the successful candidate for the position,” said Karim. As this was an important aspect to have as head of student programs, he was the candidate Student Programs chose. One of Student Programs’ goals for 2018 is to open residence halls for students who would like to live on campus. Kaptik’s experience will aid in this, and he will be working closely with student programs to complete that goal by its deadline.

Kaptik will also be working with leadership, management and supervision of the operational and budgetary aspects of residence life, athletics and student life. He will be integrating student life and leadership areas with the rest of the Student Programs areas.

“He brings a unique blend of higher education leadership and engineering background that makes him very suitable for the position. He is a deep thinker and problem solver,” said Karim.
In Student Programs, student success is the first priority. Their vision to be nationally recognized for student success and part of an education community that empowers every student to want to achieve their goals. “He cares deeply for the students benefits and makes a great addition to the Student Programs leadership team. He conducts himself with great thoughtfulness and humility,” said Karim.

Student Programs will be working towards successfully completing their goals outlined in the Student Programs strategic plan. By 2020, Student Programs wants to ensure access and equal participation in education for all, build a culture of service excellence to better support students, create programs for students to assist them in achieving their goals, and to invest in improving infrastructure. The rest of Student Programs’ future vision for is on the Bellevue College website.

Overall, Students Programs will be working towards engaging, supporting and empowering students when they choose BC as their college of choice.Regarding further future plans, Karim said “We hope to continue to build on the wonderful work that is already happening in student life at BC and expand it to athletics and housing.”