New gluten-free and healthy offerings from T building cafe

Housed inside the $39 million, 70,000 square feet of the medically certified T building, is the Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute and their new nursing labs with 20 hospital beds, a five-room medical simulation lab, more ultrasound machines and more areas for students to collaborate and study in.

Alongside these new additions is the T building cafe, which carries similar food options as the other cafes around the Bellevue College campus.

However, size is not the only thing that makes the T building cafe different from its counterparts.

Unlike the other locations, the T building cafe is making more of an effort to sell healthier food items. “Food is a little different,” said food services employee Kyong Martin. “We carry more gluten-free items and we’re trying to carry more items for vegetarians and healthy foods.”

In addition, there are differences in design for the T building cafe as well. For example, the cafe in the C building, which is located right next to the building entrance, is more spacious, carrying a few tables inside for students to study or eat.

The C building cafe carries more espresso machines, and its space allows it to have a few refrigerators that house items such as juices and sodas. The cafe in the R building follows a similar structure.

Although it is not as spacious, it is able to carry similar machines and items as the C cafe, as well as the one in the L building. The T building, on the other hand, is smaller and its placement by the area near the entrance doesn’t allow for more expansion.

Even Martin, who has worked at all the school’s cafes, noticed the change in space. However, there are a few tables by the entrance that students are able to use.

According to Todd Juvrud, the director of food services, the small space was an economical choice. “The state focused all footage for academic, so any other space had to be paid by sales,” explained Juvrud.

Dean of Student Success Ana Blackstad is also a frequent customer of the T building cafe. Working in the B building, Blackstad finds the distance to the cafe a shorter one than to the C or L building cafes. “I think the addition of the T building cafe is a great thing for the campus. There’s more places to get food and to relax, and the lines are shorter than they are in the C building,” added Blackstad.

Students are also welcomed to work with food services, whether it is at any one of the cafes or in the cafeteria. As director, Juvrud will also be overseeing the new student hires. “I have a sign up sheet where students can sign up the days and times that they can work. When that position opens, we hire the next person on the list,” explained Juvrud.

Currently, there are no plans to add more cafes to the new T building or any building on campus. “There are plans to have food services in the dorm buildings,” said Juvrud. The new dorms will be constructed near the baseball field and will be completed by 2018.