New look for Student Programs

The new Student Programs office in C-212 had just opened three weeks ago. The new space provides more space for more programs and students to interact with each other. The new Student Programs also seems more transparent with the newly installed windows that replaced the walls at the entrance facing the D building.

After around three months of renovation, the Student Programs office at Bellevue College reopened with new furnishings and paint that make the space look more spacious and welcoming.

Student Programs is the office to many programs at BC such as the Associated Student Government, Black Student Union, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer and Questioning Resource Center and the Office of Student Legislative Affairs.

After the renovation, other programs such as the Sustainability, the Veterans and the International Student Association also has their space at the student programs to be able to provide more interaction with the students.

Director of LGBTQ Resource Center Ali Collucci,  said that the new LGBTQ space at the student programs seems bigger and not as crowded as its old space. According to Collucci, the new space is more inviting because of its new strategic location. The LGBTQ Resource Center has no doors, allowing any student who walks by to be able to join in their conversation and know more about the center. Collucci added that because of its openness, members of the center are able to show who they really are and stop being hidden. The new space also enables LGBTQ to work with the other programs at Student Programs better because they are now located closer to the rest of the programs.

“Due to the new location, the reconstruction of Student Programs we’re no longer secluding ourselves with misjudgment, prejudice and ignorance. But instead, we are building a community, trust and understanding along with allowing everyone else to see what their LGBTQ Resource Center is,” said Collucci.

ASG Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism Michael Yoon said those who serve at Student Programs and “The new interior [of Student Programs] makes students feel more comfortable and cozy.”

According to student Mark Orines, the new Student Programs is very spacious. However, he feels that the space could be improved by having more students who greet students who are visiting the Student Programs for the first time. Orines said that he felt lost when he first came to the Student Programs because of the lack of greetings from the people at the student programs.

Sustainability Communications Coordinator Alex Clark said that the new sustainability space at Student Programs helps him to work more efficiently. Before the new student programs was renovated, the sustainability office was located at the K building, about a seven minutes distance from the Student Programs. Before the renovation, Clark had to walk back and forth from his office at the K building to the Student Programs at the C building.

Co-Directors of El Centro Latino Gabriela Gonzalez and Ana Palma-Gutierrez said that their new space at Student Programs is more welcoming for student to come because of the glass windows that enables student who pass by the Student Programs to see what’s going on inside and check out their programs.

Come and check out the new Student Programs and find out what the student governments and the other programs are working on.