New T building takes up parking for BC students

SUL_6120_crop“PARKING MAY BE CHALLENGING FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS. MAKE EXTRA TIME FOR YOUR COMMUTE.” With the start of fall quarter, BC students were greeted by these words posted throughout the BC campus. In addition to these announcements, the commotion of construction and the view of the BC campus being obstructed by metal fences lining 150 parking spaces were new additions to the campus this September.

While the signs may say that the parking madness will only occur for two weeks, the construction on the T building, the  now health & sciences building, is actually planned to take about 18 months. 18 months of 150 parking spots being blocked off means 18 months of 150 displaced students and cars.

Ray White, vice president of administrative services, recognizes that there are some complaints about the T building construction, but in the end stated that it’s an “investment for all.”

According to White, the new building will have numerous purposes. “It’ll be a health sciences building. It’s going to be three stories high. Each floor has a faculty office, and each floor is a little different. The first floor will be a general classrooms area, while the second floor will get a bit more specific for those studying things like lobotomy or specific illnesses. Then the third floor will get even more specific with equipment for studying things like radiation,” he said.

“It’s going to be an amazing health sciences study center. Bellevue is a leader in allied sciences and this will improve that. We’ll get to move more programs and classes in which frees up about 11 classrooms,” said White.

In addition to freeing up classrooms, the new T-building will allow BC to start remodels on the 11 50-year-old classrooms.

While the T building will bring new resources and more flexibility to the BC campus, it also makes BC parking a scene of insanity. The T building will eventually take over 100 of the 150 parking spaces blocked by construction. In the end, those remaining 50 will be available for student use.

Allexus Raganot, BC sophomore, noticed the parking struggles as a commuter. “It’s cool that they’re expanding the campus and creating more science classes. But for right now, it’s going to suck, especially since I have to drive through I-405 traffic in the morning. I really don’t want to have to spend time trying to find parking, too.”

Jeffrey Nguyen, BC sophomore, agrees that the parking struggle will create issues, but has found a bright side to the situation.

“Packed parking lots means a bit more stress to the students. Students will probably find carpool and that could always be quite the challenge. But, it could be nice to be social if you’re new to school and need to make new friends,” said Nguyen.

Although it may seem that there is no parking on campus, White stated that there are still enough spaces on campus for every commuter. He also said, “In the first few weeks, don’t be late to your classes. Park in the outer lots up towards the entrance of the school. It’s less than 1,000 yards to the center of campus.”

While there are mixed emotions on the T building construction, White says it’s more of a benefit to BC.

White stated,“Construction is going to be messy. But, it’s an investment for us all. The payback is a building that will last 100 years, so it’s a good return on the consequences we’re dealing with now.”