New Vietnamese cusine in Bellevue: Phở Ever

Two months ago, a new pho restaurant opened up in Bellevue. Located on NE 8th near the intersection at 120th Avenue, Pho Ever is a delicious example of Vietnamese cuisine. Pronounced “fuh,” pho is a noodle soup made with a hearty, aromatic beef broth and vegetables. Diners can choose a variety of meats to add, from common cuts of beef like brisket, eye round and flank to more exotic, like tripe and tendon. Other options include pork, chicken, seafood and vegetarian pho. Extra meats, shrimp, egg, broth and noodles can be ordered to customize one’s bowl just the way they like it.
Soup is served very soon after ordering, with a plate of basil, bean sprouts, sliced jalapenos and sliced limes. Sauces are also provided, Hoisin, Sriracha and satay can be added to give the pho some extra kick. Adding all the hot sauces as well as sliced jalapenos can result in an incredibly spicy meal. In addition to pho, Pho Ever serves noodle salad bowls, rice bowls, Vietnamese sandwiches, stir-fried dishes and fried rice. So people who aren’t a fan of pho can still enjoy some delicious food. Places that exclusively serve pho can be amazing but impractical if the party includes people who don’t like pho.
The broth is sweeter than the other pho houses near BC (Pho Than Brothers and Pho Tai), but is absolutely delicious. Two sizes are offered: the small ($7.95) is quite hearty and the large (8.95) is satisfying for the biggest appetites. For $11.95, one can order the “Super Bowl noodle soup,” which has all the beef cuts as well as meatballs. The noodles and meats are cooked perfectly: tender brisket, firm meatballs and the crunch of tripe result in an amazing textural experience.
What sets Pho Ever apart from other pho houses, however, is service. Those who have never had pho before will be surprised at the speed the bowls come out of the kitchen, but the attention paid to the diner is fantastic. When dining at Pho Than, the one glass of water served at the beginning is all one’s going to get. At Pho Ever, my glass was always full of cold water – important for those who love spice.
I highly recommend trying this gem of a restaurant. The atmosphere is immaculately clean, two big TVs playing sports add to a casual feel, and the polite, attentive staff make the experience complete.