Next transfer fair set for April

By Elizabeth Ballinger.
BCC’s next transfer fair will be held April 16th. Thirty baccalaureate colleges and universities are expected to lay out information tables marked by their school colors, and compete for student attention as they answer questions, give advice, and distribute applications and institution brochures.
Expected institutions include the University of Washington (UW) and its branch in Bothell (UWB), Central (CWU), Eastern (EWU), and Western Washington University (WWU), Washington State University (WSU), Evergreen, Bastyr, and Gonzaga colleges.
For students who haven’t begun the transfer process yet, the deadlines for fall enrollment at some high-demand universities, such as UW’s main campus and WWU, have already passed. Several Washington colleges are still accepting applications, and their deadlines should be noted, as they are swiftly approaching.
If any last-minute decisions remain to be made, now’s the time, according to academic advisor Sandy Walkenhorst.
“So many students come to advising ready to graduate with their AAS-DTA [direct transfer degree], with no idea what they want to major in”, she said.
Deadlines for institutions still accepting applications for fall enrollment include, April 1st for WWU, May 22nd for EWU, March 15th for Bastyr, August 15th for Cornish College, June 1st for Gonzaga, March 1st for University of Puget Sound, July 1st for Whitworth, April 1st for Seattle Pacific University, March 1st for Seattle University, April 1st for CWU, and March 1st for Evergreen.
For students planning to transfer next year, working with BCC’s Education Planning Center and doing research now could prevent scrambling later to get applications in order.
BCC began offering the Freshman First-year Experience in fall 2007