Nihilist Arby’s Twitter baffles

At this point, social networks are a major portal for marketing a company or product. Anybody who’s anybody has a Twitter account that people can follow to get updates or deals and hear what the account has to say.

One of the most bizarre at this point is the Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account. Whether or not it’s an official account or just some people having fun is up for debate, but they’re certainly giving Arby’s some exposure.

Definitely a break from normal Twitter accounts, they market Arby’s in a new and interesting way:

“Drain the blood, cure and slice the flesh, season and fry the potatoes, feed them the sugar water. Be born. Toil. Die. Arby’s. We sell food.”

I find it a hilarious account, with plenty of gems such as “Ever wake up with no memory of the night before to the nightmarish realization that the blood all over you is not your own? Enjoy Arby’s.”

I haven’t had Arby’s in years. I don’t ever recall enjoying Arby’s, only going because other friends enjoyed the food. I have to say though, this whole thing makes me crave it a little bit. Maybe it’s my own inherent nihilistic tendencies, maybe it’s the addictive nature of American junk food. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been reminded of something from years back and am curious about just how bad it really is.

One way or another, Nihilist Arby’s is a good distraction from the daily grind, crappy food notwithstanding.

And remember, like Nihilist Arby’s says, “Do drugs. Punch a stranger. Make love to your cousin. Enjoy Arby’s. Arby’s doesn’t judge. Arby’s doesn’t care.”