NOOK Glowlight

Avid readers, those who know an avid reader, or those who want to become an avid reader need a NOOK Glowlight. It’s changed my life for the better but also for the worse because I’m always wanting to read. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it isn’t. What’s even better is one can be obtained for the low price of $100.
Before I got the Glowlight, I never really wanted a Kindle or the Nook app, or any other sort of reading device. Now that I’ve gotten to know how useful and awesome they are, I wouldn’t want to be reading any other way. A lot of people say that they miss the physical feeling of turning the pages and holding a book, which I understand, but for people who can roll with reading on a fraudulent paper screen, it’s amazing. The app that comes with the Glowlight is easy to use and has pretty much any title one can think of available within a matter of seconds. In addition to being able to buy books, subscribing to magazines and newspaper is also a possibility. Another cool part that goes along with the NOOK app is the Lendme option, where some books are actually loaned to the device so no purchase is necessary, just read and release. It’s like a digital library where there are no waiting lists because too many copies have been loaned out. Part of the reason why I love the NOOK Glowlight is because even though it was initially a pricy expense, buying books is a lot easier on my checking account. There’s the Lendme option, for one, but because the books being bought are digital, they’re anywhere from thirty to fifty percent off what they would be in-store. Personally, I love to have a collection of physical books on a bookcase, and having the Glowlight enables me to read books at a cheaper price and then later delegate whether or not I want to spend the money to have that physical copy.
Regarding the actual features of the device, I haven’t found one thing that I don’t like yet. The keyboard is more responsive than the keyboard on my iPhone which is both upsetting and pleasing. While reading, it is easy to adjust the font size for one’s eyesight and the type of font can be adjusted as well, so if the reader wants to read in Times New Roman, they can read in Times New Roman. My favorite feature though is the actual lights that are installed throughout the Glowlight.
My bedtime is usually determined by whenever my boyfriend is ready to sleep, and half the time I’m not ready to put my book down. With the Glowlight, I can adjust the light on my device to where I can still see but it doesn’t bother him while he’s trying to sleep. It’s revolutionary.
So, for anybody that’s looking to spoil themselves a little this spring or who have a summer reading list, the NOOK Glowlight should definitely be something to check out. If nothing else, at least give it a look at the nearest Barnes & Noble bookstore.