Not your average bathing suit guide

Not your average bathing suit guide
Be sure you know how to look good half-naked.(SOUCE:

After three months of “I need to get my bikini body ready and I will,” the time has finally arrived. Right, summer is here, so is the verdict.


Unless you have a Barbie body (a.k.a. 36-18-33 measurement), you will probably find some part of your body unfit for bathing suits. But the weather is so nice you just can’t resist getting into the water. Plus every time you pass by Victoria’s Secret, the giant scantily clad Adriana Lima with her muscular abs and toned arms seems to lure you into believing you can look just ask good with the help of fake tan and a push up bikini top.

Everyone ought to know that’s not true. You put on the bikini you got 2 weeks ago (when you are still self- hypnotizing yourself how you can get into shape in the matter of a mere week) and boom, the mirror delivered the final verdict. Needless to say, you’ve been nothing but too confident.

However hard you work out, what’s done is done. A toned body is not a day’s work. As brutal as it sounds, all you can do now is to hide the problem area(s).

Flipping open a random Marie Claire or Seventeen, it won’t be hard to find bathing suit guides telling you to look for something that suits your particular “fruity” body shape. That is definitely a way round it, it’s probably not the most imperative thing to consider.

Other than finding a halter top you hate or getting a tankini you find boring, follow your heart and try out different styles.

Never limit yourself to the styles your guide suggests. You never know what may look good on you until the second you try it on. Believe me, you are going to wonder how will you look in that monokini you love but was instructed not to pick for your body shape. You have waited forever for the summer, trying on another bathing suit won’t take you that long.

That being said, you cannot dodge the truth and go for a baring bikini when your tummy is clearly larger than your breasts. You tried it on, it didn’t work, you put it back.

The last time Tim Gunn visited Bellevue, he gave a piece of advice so important no one should miss – “Ask yourself the question, “Can I pull it off?” Don’t ask your friends, be frank with yourself. As much as you’d like to deny it, most of the time you already have an answer to that question.”

You are not to be blamed for adoring a cute bikini, but the blame will be on you when you know you can’t pull it off but wear it to the beach nonetheless. Just as Jennifer Hudson can’t work the same ensemble Nicole Richie can (or vice versa), simply because something look cute on the mannequin or the site doesn’t mean it will necessarily look good on you.

One last tip, always go to your mother. Somehow when it comes down to bathing suit choices, moms nearly always give the most honest comments. Your chests aren’t big enough, your thighs are flabby, your arms are saggy. Hurt or not, you know your mom loves you.