Office of International Affairs relocates to B building

The Office of International Affairs is planning to move out of their current offices. “The building that we are in was only supposed to be temporary and we’ve outgrown it,” said Student Life Coordinator Linda Annable. The offices the OIE are in currently in house six, a slightly off-campus location across from the G Building and the move will put them back on campus. Annable stated that this would be advantageous because it would help the OIE “feel more a part of the student body and I think our students really appreciate the fact that we are getting back here.”

“We want to get back together as a team and as a department,” she said.

The original OIE office was on the second floor of the B building above the bookstore but the OIE “outgrew that space and here we are moving back and we’re very happy about it,” according to Annable.

The new offices are going to be in B144 and B125. B144 will have the main front desk and advisors and admissions department and marketing team. “The students can just walk in and their advisors will be there,” said Annable.

“The admissions department will be there for people who have questions about admissions or applications.” B125 will house Annable, OIE Dean Jean D’arc Campbell, OIE Director Kazumi Hada and two of the advisors. According to Annable, there wasn’t enough space to fit the organization into one room.

Annable stated that the tentative move date to the new offices was March 9, but also said she couldn’t say for sure. Until then, international students can still find her and their advisors in house six.