OMG Moments of The Week

Damn Hannah
Damn Hannah Montana

Damn Hannah Montana, keep it in your pants.
New video footage has been released on the internet of Miley Cyrus giving her 44 year old producer, Adam Shankman, a lap dance.

LiLo and Avril throw bitch fit at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.
Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne do not get along (for petty reasons I am sure/go figure). They both demonstrated their dislike by throwing verbal attacks all night at the Chateau Marmont. Avril, along with some of her friends and boyfriend Brody Jenner, told the approaching Lindsay Lohan to get lost – along with a few other choice words. A disgruntled Lindsay went to security to try to get them kicked out, but alas her attempts failed and she stormed out. Personally I am more shocked that Brody Jenner is dating Avril La-ugly but hey that’s just me.

A match made in heaven.
Popular music artists Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were seen having dinner together at Ari-Ya Sushi in West Hollywood on Monday night. Both of them claimed that they were discussing a “side project” and that neither of them felt the other was their type. Yeah sure, I mean what girl isn’t in love with Justin Bieber right? Hottest twelve year old evaaaaa.

Lady Gaga’s concert in Sweeden comes to a screeching halt.
On Friday May 8 Lady Gaga stopped singing in the middle of her concert in Sweeden. While on stage she told her screaming fans that she was exhausted but extremely touched at how they were singing the lyrics to all her songs. She assured fans that despite her exhaustion she would not be taking a break, saying that “[she’ll] sleep when [she’s] dead.” That may be sooner than you think if you don’t quit knockin all those shots back Gaga.

You shoulda ran away when you had the chance Mrs. King!
CNN anchorman Larry King called off his divorce with wife Shawn Southwick and has moved back into their home. King and Southwick has been married for 13 years before filing for divorce but have changed their minds and have decided to try marriage counseling instead. Good luck with that one.

No love for Love
Courtney Love desperately tries to reach out to her 17 year old daughter Francis Bean Cobain after recently losing custody of her. Cobain is now under the legal guardianship of her grandmother and her aunt. Love also has a restraining order preventing her from having contact with her daughter or the rest of the family.

Why not have your own girl next door?
The June issue of Playboy magazine will now have 3-D images of the playmates in the centerfold, complete with 3-D glasses. It’s a guys dream come true.

Twilight and Harry Potter Unite!
Well sort of. “Harry Potter” star Bonnie Wright is reportedly engaged to “Twilight” star Jamie Cambell. Bonnie Wright plays the character Ginny Weasley in “Harry Potter” and Jamie Cambell plays the vampire Caius in “New Moon.” Both starts will be appearing in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” which will be opening in November of this year.