Our World: This is your mind on teleportation

By Lance Braud.
Suppose you’ve just finished typing your English paper in the N building’s computer lab. Unfortunately it’s due promptly at the start of class or you get no credit. That’s two minutes from now in the R building all the way across campus. Now imagine BCC has just installed a teleporter in the N building that would instantly copy every atom in your body just as it is, and reconstruct it again in the R building. In that same instant, the teleporter would destroy the body in the N building. You, and your paper, would be in the same physical state as you were in the N building, down to every atom, only now you’d be in the R building. You feel fine, and your paper gets turned in on time, but would you still be you?
What happened to your mind? Did your consciousness teleport also? Was the thing that “experiences life” copied, or did it find its own path from your old body in N, to the new body in R? If the teleporter hadn’t destroyed the old body, would there be two bodies with one shared consciousness, or two bodies with two consciousnesses that both think they are the same “I” that is you? Or is the idea of duplicating consciousness impossible, and if the teleporter did work, the only thing walking out the other side would be a zombie: a living, breathing