Paddy Coyne’s: Irish in the Northwest

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Too crowded, and I still haven’t found what I need. Collar tightens. I hate shopping. I’ve been here since nine – this is brutal. Fresh air is a MUST, four hours in this place is like pulling teeth, un-medicated. Tired hands fumble loose change and a crumpled bill. I spent too much. My feet hurt. God, I’m hungry. Perfect: a patio, food, beer, and no wait. If there is a God, he’s Irish.

Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is a place to unwind. For the worn down mall-goer, a hearty meal and cold drink come second only to a full body massage from hands of the divine. Hours of tireless searching and navigation through hoards of browsing people can leave one drained and needing to unwind. For those lucky enough to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Paddy Coyne’s is golden.

“Hey! You guys look like you need a pint!” the restaurant’s Chloë Jay exclaims, wasting no time baiting and hooking worn out shoppers, meandering couples, or even the bored Kemper Security guard.

After a long day, the Lincoln Square Pub offers comfort and a welcoming feeling that is evoked though comfort food and friendly service. Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is the city’s premier Irish experience. For those both familiar and unfamiliar with the homeland, the downtown pub is steeped in tradition and leaves guests feeling like they would on a cool Dublin afternoon.

“The atmosphere, the music, and the furniture definitely remind me of home, not to mention the GAA and Guinness paraphernalia,” explained Cian, the restaurant’s host, through a thick accent. He was speaking of the signed Gaelic Football gear and iconic Guinness imagery that adorn the walls of the pub. Cian’s disarming charm may be product of a youth and upbringing in Ireland, but it only adds to the Pub’s continuity.

“Bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie or a Guinness are your best bet for an authentic Irish meal. Just kidding, Guinness is all you really need,” joked Cole Uppinghouse, one of the restaurants’ top servers. “To be honest, everything on our menu comes from a family cookbook, so it’s pretty damn good.”

As if a twice-daily happy hour and a home-cooked style menu weren’t enough, the pub goes as far as to bring live Irish folk music within arm’s reach every Friday night. Even more impressive, the Restaurant offers discounted movie tickets for only $5.50 with the purchase of an entrée.

Half priced movie tickets, home cooked meals, cold brews and a single malt selection out of this world make Paddy’s a top competitor in the Bellevue market.

The Bellevue Paddy’s is one of three Paddy Coyne’s locations operating in the greater Seattle area. The Lincoln Square location is arguably the most prominent of the three. As local Adrian Moses explains, “Downtown Bellevue is the spot to be now. Why else do you think the Paddy’s here does so much better than the ones in Tacoma or Seattle?”

For those who are pained by exhausting hours of shopping or those who simply need to unwind, Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is an oasis among cacti. For Friday night music, an authentic Irish experience, or discounted movie tickets, Paddy Coyne’s is the place to be. “Cead Mile Failte!” A hundred thousand welcomes!