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Fact of the day: Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners!
Fact of the day: Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners!

Some people like to blow their money on Lamborghini’s, some people want to blow their money on women, and others want to spend their money on antique vases. To quote Alicia Keys, “Some people think that the physical things define what’s within an object. And I’ve been there but that’s a bore, so full of superficial.”

The world of Major League Baseball is not cheap. With Seattle Mariner tickets hovering around twenty dollars, the equivalent of two or three hours of work, it is difficult to imagine there are fans who would spend more on tickets.

Some people believe that twenty dollars is worth watching the Mariners lose. But the owner of the Mariners, the Nintendo Corporation, is tricky. Every time the Mariners start winning, they jack up the prices.

So naturally, the price for tickets of a team that wins games regularly should be pricier than the price for some mediocre, losing, Midwest team more commonly known as the Minnesota Twins.

In all of baseball-dom, there are few teams with the illustrious glory of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Both are among the oldest of America’s baseball teams and both are regular favorites in the regular season. Although the Red Sox’s performance has been suffering due to the curse of the Bambino, their home matches are still popular and their name is as hyped up as it was back in the good ole’ days. There should be little surprise that Yankee and Red Sox tickets are the most expensive tickets in the business.

A ticket in the best box in the stadium between the Yankees and Red Sox runs for $750 a ticket. When the two rivals are not going head to head, the same ticket is around $500 each.

Currently the seat behind home plate on the March 20th game between the Red Sox and Cardinals is going for $575. The price makes sense because the fan will be right behind home plate where they will catch all the action. That is, until it is pointed out that the infield grandstand’s section 13 row 17 tickets are going for a whopping $5000 a piece on the April 8th matchup between the Red Sox and Yankees at Fenway Park. The second most expensive tickets for that game are being sold at $2000 per piece.

But the average Joe or Jill will not be buying such a ticket unless he or she is trying to celebrate a really big birthday. The cheapest ticket for the April 8th game between the Yankees and the Red Sox is going for no less than $120; seven or eight times expensive than the average Mariner’s ticket. There have been reports of ticket scalpers getting $99 per ticket.

The price of the ticket definitely depends on the occasion. You will never see the prices raise higher than when rivals clash. It is commonly held that the Green Bay Packers versus the Chicago Bears rakes in some of the most NFL revenue. The high prices just comes to show that fans are really willing to pay just to cheer for their favorite team.