Pay for Parking in Fall Quarter

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Until recently, parking at Bellevue College was free of charge and hectic with crowded parking lots. However, beginning in fall quarter, parking passes must be purchased.

There are three types of passes available for purchase – two-day passes, which can be used either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, motorcycle passes, and everyday passes. They are only available for sale online.

The two-day pass costs $35, the motorcycle pass costs $35, and the everyday pass costs $65. For students who only come once a week, $2 metered parking is available in lots 9, 15, and on the fifth floor of the parking garage. These meters accept coins, cash, and cards, but do not give change.

Those with a disabled parking pass can park for free in any disabled parking spot without paying for a parking pass, according to Washington State law.

The idea of paying $65 a quarter for an everyday parking pass has not been met with enthusiasm; the ASG has given the reasoning behind charging for parking.

The crowded parking situation was deemed a problem by the 2010-2011 ASG, and they took the initiative to decide how to solve it. The parking fee is hoped to relieve the previous congestion and encourage other methods of transportation, and the money gained by the fee will go towards maintaining the parking lots and the Orca pass program.

At a meeting to discuss the changes to the parking situation, Deric Gruen, the Sustainability Coordinator/ Resource Conservation Manager recommended taking the bus to BC. The Orca pass program assists approximately 1,400 students. Students can buy an Orca card through BC and pay $60 for a preloaded card with a $120 value. This requires a minimum enrollment of 5 credits. For $120, a card is available that is preloaded with $240. This card requires an enrollment of 10 credits.

These cards will not expire but it is recommended that they be registered online; in the case of a stolen or lost card, money spent will not have been wasted.

BC is not difficult to get to by bus – the 271 goes through the campus, and the Eastgate Park and Ride is only a short walk from the computer lab.

Some students who need to drive are choosing to carpool to split the cost of the parking fee. With a carpool of three or more people, a special pass is available, which gives access to reserved carpool parking spaces.

The carpool parking pass is available in the K building. All carpoolers must be present to purchase the pass. At the meeting, registering with with a BC email to form carpools was suggested.

Another option discussed at the meeting was biking to school. A bike trail runs parallel to I-90, and King County Metro buses have bike racks. However, this option is more weather dependent and less convenient to those who live far away.

Any vehicle that is parked on campus without a permit will receive a parking citation of $25. If a student vehicle is parked in faculty parking, the fee will be $50.

Parking passes are no longer obtained at the Cashier’s desk in the Bookstore – the new passes are only available for purchase online, excluding extenuating circumstances.

The parking passes went on sale on September 1, and all students wishing to drive to school must have one before September 19. Passes are only available for purchase online at Review the FAQ portion of this site, which may answer anything you need to know about parking and passes. Additional questions should be directed at BC Public Safety, which is located in K100.