PC vs. Mac: Windows is more convenient

Apple and Microsoft are two of the biggest technological companies in the world and are competitors in the market for computers and phones. Here in Washington where Microsoft was founded, they are a major employer yet Apple products still seem more popular. Even the children of Microsoft employees have iPhones, iPads and iMacs, though some of them actually like Windows 10 more than iOS 7. Which one is better?

Let’s start with computers. First of all, Apple designs their own computers and tablets while Microsoft lets other companies like Dell, HP, Asus and more design and manufacture the physical computers. Meanwhile, Microsoft lives up to their name and focuses on the programing, and it shows.

Windows 8 and 10 computers and tablets are much better at managing apps than the Apple OS X. Then again, one has to be careful what brand of computer they buy when buying Windows because the Dell desktop computer I have at my house will not turn on after a couple of years of every member of my family using it. Other brands like HP and Asus work perfectly well, however.

Also, Windows is really good for gamers. While both Apple and Microsoft now have game controllers that can be connected to their computers, there is an Xbox app in the Windows store that lets users stream their Xbox One games onto the computer and even Business Insider stated that “nothing beats an amazing first-party controller to make hardcore gamers feel at home on a platform,” talking about the Xbox One controller.

Another point is that although the OS X hasn’t changed much over the years, Microsoft’s transitions from Windows 7 to 8 to 10 was very helpful, making the start menu much easier to navigate each time. Now, with my Surface I can find an application that is not on my desktop or in my start in seconds by searching. When using an Apple computer, I had to click on the “applications” tab and scroll through all of the apps until I found the one I was looking for.

Meanwhile, both companies are offering cloud services with OneDrive and iCloud competing for the top spot in online file editing and uploading. However, OneDrive can be accessed from all devices, not just Windows ones, while iCloud can only be used on Apple devices.

When using OneDrive, one can edit their documents on or offline and still be able to save it online. On Windows 10, OneDrive shows up in the file explorer so one doesn’t even have to go online to edit, save and rename documents as well as upload things like pictures and music in their OneDrive.

Moving on to phones, it is a well-known fact that iPhones are the most popular smart phones in the U.S. While Windows phones come in third, behind Android phones, they do have some features that are extremely useful. One who wants all of the popular apps, games and services like FaceTime would obviously choose an iPhone. However, Windows phones have an organization method similar to Windows 10, with a start screen and an app list. This includes the same convenient way of finding apps as on Windows 10 as well as having access to OneDrive without having to open an app or a webpage.

Music downloaded onto a person’s OneDrive will automatically appear in their Xbox Music app which is also on Windows phones and one can choose to have the pictures they take uploaded onto their OneDrive, ensuring that if pictures must be deleted to provide more space on a phone, a fault which all smartphones have, the pictures deleted won’t be lost forever. Additionally, Cortana, Microsoft’s version of Siri, can be accessed on both phone and Windows 10.

Given these facts, it is always surprising to me that Apple products are more popular. Sure, in the end, both companies offer similar services, but Windows products are definitely more powerful, faster, easier and more convenient to use.